DLB Max 2 Chair

  • stamp Manufacturers Guarantee 10 Years
  • stamp Delivery 7-10 Days

The DLB Max 2 Chair is a robust 3-Piece construction, specifically designed for use in education. It is the ideal stacking school or classroom plastic chair. The unique aspect of the DLB (Don't Lean Back) Max chair is that with its carefully designed frame, it actively prevents children from leaning back on their chairs, therefore reducing the 7000 accidents that occur in our UK schools every year. The chair supports excellent ergonomic posture, and its distinctive design allows the frame to slot into the mould giving further stability and robustness. The mould is further supported by two rivets for additional strength. All edges have been carefully engineered so they are smooth and extremely child friendly, along with its textured surface for maximum durability. The chair comes with a plastic shell in 6 standard colours available with matching or Charcoal legs. Chairs come in 2 different heights, and will stack for efficient storage. The DLB Max 2 Chair comes with a 10 year guarantee.
  • DLB Max Chair Designed To Prevent Children Leaning Back
  • Supports Excellent Ergonomic Posture
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Stackable For Efficient Storage
  • Standard Shells Available In 6 Colours
  • Matching or Charcoal Legs
  • Available In 2 Heights
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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DLB Max 2 Chair - Size 5
Product Code: EF7426
430 600 710 £29.00
DLB Max 2 Chair - Size 5 (Quantity 31+)
Product Code: EF7428
430 600 710 £27.00
DLB Max 2 Chair - Size 6
Product Code: EF7427
460 600 710 £29.00
DLB Max 2 Chair - Size 6 (Quantity 31+)
Product Code: EF7429
460 600 710 £27.00
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