Ladybird Counting Cushions

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Ladybird Counting Cushions, including 13 floor cushions: 12 smaller ladybird cushions, numbering from 1 to 12 and 1 larger teacher ladybird cushion. Suitable for nursery school, pre-school, play school, and early years. The cushions encourage numeracy skills and are great for group activities and quiet reading times. They are made with comfortable, plush materials with varying soft textures, ideal for children to cuddle up to. The cushions come supplied with a holdall, and they meet all relevant safety and fire standards.

  • Ladybird Counting Cushions
  • 12 Smaller Ladybird Cushions Numbering 1 To 12, & 1 Larger Teacher Ladybird Cushion
  • Encourage Numeracy Skills
  • Great For Group Activities & Quiet Reading Times
  • Made With Varying Soft Textures
  • Suitable For Nursery, Pre-School, Play-School Etc.
  • Comes With A Holdall
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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Ladybird Counting Cushions (Set Of 13)
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