Soft Play Activity Kit - Set 2

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Brightly coloured, cleverly designed, versatile assortment of 19 medium-sized soft play shapes. Ideal for physical play, group creative learning, constructing obstacle courses, etc.. Suitable for nursery school, pre-school, and play school, this early years, wipe-clean vinyl furniture will provide you with fun, creativity, and safety in the nursery, creche, and pre-school group. A starter guide is provided giving details and ideas on different constructions.

The units are made to exacting quality standards and are finished in a soft touch durable vinyl and meeting all the relevant safety and fire standards. The set comes with a holdall, making the kit easy to carry and store away.

  • Soft Play Activity Kit With 19 Medium-Sized Soft Play Shapes
  • Brightly Coloured & Versatile
  • Comes With A Holdall
  • Comes With A Starter Guide Showing Construction Ideas
  • Made With High Specification Vinyls
  • High Grade Foam Inserts
  • Stain-Resistant Vinyl
  • For Nurseries, Pre-School, Play School Etc..
  • 1 Year Guarantee

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Soft Play Activity Kit - Set 2
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