Screens & Display

In many education environments, space is at a premium and classroom or hall areas need to be partitioned either temporarily or semi-permanently. UK Educational Furniture has sourced a variety of partition screen options which your school, college, studio, or workshop might require for room partitioning. Value Floorstanding Screens will be a solution for many of these needs, whereas taller 2.1m High Floorstanding Screens might be a more appropriate solution for more semi-permanent partitioning. We also supply some nursery screening, desktop screens, and Wood Frame Lattice Top Screens, ideal for partitioning canteen areas.

Fabric Desktop Screens

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Fabric Backdrop Screens

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Value Floorstanding Screens

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Pinnable Desktop Screens

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Straight Desktop Screens

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Nyloop Display Stands

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Contract Straight Topped Floorstanding Screens

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Acrylic Desktop Screens

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Contract Shaped Floorstanding Screens

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Picket Fence & Gate Room Dividers

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Square Activity Panels

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Contract Curved Floorstanding Screens

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2.1m High Floorstanding Screens

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Contract Vision Floorstanding Screens

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Large Activity Panels

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Easy Clean Mobile Concertina Screen

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Sensory Walls

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