How have the effects of Coronavirus on learning impacted educators and students in the US? by UK Educational Furniture, 17/11/20

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many of us to adjust to a new way of life, whether that be through work, socialising, or leisure. It’s important to assess how the pandemic has impacted people in different ways, and we’re placing a direct focus on mental health in particular. For educators, many have found it a challenge to lead and motivate students throughout these challenging times. It is clear that the outbreak of Coronavirus has impacted both personal and professional lives, with educational staff coping with feelings of anxiousness and vulnerability because of the virus.

We thought we’d take a deeper look into how the pandemic has affected the mental health of educators and students in the US, by surveying education professionals. Click on the image on the right to download our PDF and to find out How The effects of Coronavirus on learning have impacted educators and students.

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