Nursery School Furniture

At UK Educational Furniture we don't only supply to primary and secondary schools, but we cater to the needs of younger children too. Our early years section has an impressive range of school furniture for nursery, pre-school and early learning classrooms.

We know how busy nursery schools can become and with young children running around, safety is at the top of our list. Our nursery school desks and tables are lightweight yet sturdy, shaped from polyethylene and wood. What's more, some are also height-adjustable, meaning they can be used by a variety of different age ranges.

We also supply a number of chairs for early years education environments and our range of nursery school storage units, which include bookcases, lunch storage trolleys and mobile display units are among our most popular furniture items.

Of great popularity, at least with the kids, is our soft-play furniture. A staple of any nursery and pre-school classroom, our soft play furniture makes learning fun and interactive. As with so many of our products, our soft play frequently has educational elements built in.

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Nursery School Furniture

An important part of early years learninig is to create an environment in which young children feel relaxed and stimulated to learn. Most of these educational settings are designed to encourage kids' independence in meeting their daily needs and facilitating physical development, play, and learning activities. Getting the right furniture is of vital importance to kids' overall development. And, with so much to choose from, the process of buying them can be a bit daunting. Here are a few things to consider, helping you make an informed choice:

Sturdy and Well Built Early Years Furniture

Nursery furniture should be built to withstand rigorous use. Preschoolers are not necessarily hard on their furniture, but their glue, crayons, paint, glitter, markers, and even scissors can leave furniture pretty messy. Other than being durable, early years furniture should also be easy-to-clean.

Furniture And Ergonomics

It's important to encourage kids to maintain good postures as they grow to prevent any spinal issues later in life. With that said, early years furniture should be ergonomically designed with both back and arm support in mind.

Furniture And Aesthetics

Young children learn through touch and observation; therefore, equipment for nursery school should be eye-catching. Brightly coloured furniture can be visually stimulating and uplifting, which in turn keeps kids' minds active. The most recommended ones are primary colours. For example, by using soft seating units in a variety of bright and fun colours, you can ensure the entire learning environment is colour-coordinated and visually engaging.

Furniture Manufactured From Different Materials

Most early learning furniture is made from the following materials:

  • Plastic: There are three different types of plastic used to make this kind of furniture, including plastic resin, polypropylene, or polythene. These materials are durable, easy-to-clean, and lightweight, allowing them to withstand toddlers' busy learning environments.
  • Steel: Few early years tables and chairs are made of steel, but they do feature steel legs. Steel legs provide long-lasting support and feature coatings for rust prevention, both of which make furniture durable.
  • Hardwood: Wooden preschool furniture lasts for years and supports plenty of weight. Natural wood finishes are attractive and enhance the overall learning environment for young learners.

Furniture And Safety

Classroom furniture for early years should have no harmful features like rough surfaces or sharp edges, to encourage an active life at school without fear of getting hurt.

The above text is a general guide to buying nursery furniture, but your decision will also come down to what furniture you are buying. Some of the most popular categories of early learning furniture include:

  • Early years tables and chairs such as computer tables, activity tables, feeding and picnic tables, folding tables, and a wide range of kids' chairs designs.
  • Storage solutions such as lockers, storage cubbies, shelves, and bookcases, all of which should be low in height to make them easily accessible to kids.
  • Soft-play furniture

Here at UK Educational Furniture, we supply an extensive range of quality nursery school furniture to cater to every classroom regardless of its design and size. Call us today for more information!