Nursery School Storage

There are almost endless possibilities of storage options for your nursery, playschool, or pre-school environment, which may include bookcases, display bookcases, library furniture, cupboards and mini-cupboards, storage bins, school cloakroom furniture and lunchbox trolleys, and so on. UK Educational Furniture is able to offer a wide choice of storage units suitable for the varied needs of early years school classrooms. Please browse some of the exciting and colourful furniture products we supply such as the Mobile Plastic Bin Storage Units, and the Cloakroom Trolleys, and find solutions for your classroom's storage needs.

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Bubblegum Bookcases

From £140.00 View

Mobile Kinderbox

From £145.00 View

Premium Lunchbox Trolley

From £179.61 View

Bubblegum Library Storage

From £180.00 View

Bubblegum Room Dividers Storage

From £215.00 View

Mobile Plastic Tray Storage Kinderbox Units

From £220.00 View

Mobile Lunchbox Trolleys

From £223.60 View

Wooden Shelf Storage Units With Plastic Trays

From £235.00 View

Lunchbox Trolleys

From £240.00 View

Bubblegum Book House With Trays

From £275.00 View

Slugs And Snails Themed Early Years Storage

From £280.00 View

White Tray Mobile Storage Range

From £280.00 View

Honey Bee Themed Early Years Storage

From £285.00 View

Tree Frog Themed Early Years Storage

From £285.00 View

Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

From £315.00 View

Storage Tray Trolleys

From £325.00 View

Mobile Fold Away Bookcase

From £345.00 View

Outdoor Classroom Trolley

From £350.08 View

Double Lunchbox Trolley

From £355.00 View

Children's Mobile Bookcases

From £395.00 View

Novelty Mobile Library Units with Emergency Vehicles

From £403.00 View

Activity Bench Set With Three Dot Foam Seats Vinyl

From £403.15 View

Lunchbox Trolley - Double

From £405.00 View

Cloakroom Trolley

From £425.00 View

Animal Themed Single Sided Book Storage

From £460.00 View

Animal Themed Double Sided Book Storage

From £590.00 View

Bubblegum Art Cupboard

From £835.00 View

Bubblegum Dressing Up Cupboard

From £925.00 View