Library Furniture

School Library Furniture

Library areas in the primary and secondary school can require a variety of different book storage solutions, and UK Educational Furniture has a collection of library products to choose from. We have a number of mobile library units with angled or flat shelves, single and double-sided bookcases, and a number of display bookcases, such as the Mobile Library Unit With 3 Angled Shelves which provide a great way to display books of all sizes in primary school or early learning settings. Other products include the Mobile Big Book Holder, and a range of study carrels, including metal framed or Panel-Ended Single Study Carrels for quiet study areas of the library.

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Britannia Range Bookcases

From £97.75 View

Childrens Vinyl Seating

From £102.00 View

iLink Kids Seating-Vinyl

From £115.00 View

SINUOUS Junior Vinyl Soft Seating

From £117.00 View

Zig Zag Reception Seating

From £120.00 View

Start Wooden Bookcases

From £120.00 View

Kubbyclass Book Browsers

From £120.75 View

BTS Modular Box Reception Coffee Tables - Vinyl

From £123.00 View

Mobile Kinderbox

From £130.00 View

Zig Zag Junior Soft Seating Vinyl

From £130.00 View

Display Bookcase Unit

From £142.17 View

Modular Pod Seating System - Vinyl

From £145.00 View

Low Book Storage Unit

From £146.09 View

Slimline Flat Top Bookcases

From £155.25 View

Open Bookcases - 900mm Wide

From £160.00 View

Snail Storage Unit

From £169.95 View

Coloured Edge Open Bookcases

From £175.00 View

Library Unit With 1 Flat & 2 Angled Shelves On Each Side

From £175.00 View

PACMAN Fabric Seating

From £177.00 View

Slimline Bookcases

From £182.85 View

Flat Top Bookcases

From £182.85 View

Gaston Modular Bench Seating - Fabric

From £185.00 View

SINUOUS DOUBLE Fabric Reception Seating

From £190.00 View

Folio Study Carrel

From £192.00 View

Gaston Modular Bench Seating - Vinyl

From £195.00 View

Bubblegum 6 Bay Kinderbox

From £195.00 View

Mobile Library Unit With 3 Angled Shelves Each Side

From £195.00 View

Mobile Library Unit With 3 Angled & 3 Flat Shelves

From £195.00 View

Mobile Library Unit With 3 Straight Shelves Each Side

From £195.00 View

Mobile Library Big Book Holder

From £215.00 View

Library Bookcases

From £217.35 View

Kubbyclass Single Study Carrels

From £217.35 View

System Cupboards & Bookcases

From £220.00 View

Two Tier Kubby Kurve Bookcase Furniture

From £228.85 View

Bubblegum Book House With Trays

From £235.00 View

KubbyClass Modular Library Furniture Bookcases

From £240.35 View

Kubbyclass Blanking Unit

From £240.35 View

Display Bookcases

From £240.35 View

Music Keyboard Desk

From £250.00 View

Flat Top Cupboards

From £251.85 View

Three Tier Kubby Kurve Bookcase Furniture

From £263.35 View

Library Cupboards

From £270.25 View

Britannia Range Double Sided Bookcases

From £274.85 View

Kubbyclass Double Study Carrels

From £286.35 View

Double Sided Flat Top Bookcases

From £286.35 View

Double Sided Bookcases

From £286.35 View

Mobile Browser Units

From £289.00 View

Double Sided Hedgehog Bookcase

From £295.00 View

Caterpillar Book Storage

From £298.95 View

Corner Bookcases

From £309.35 View

Kubbyclass Internal Corner Bookcase

From £309.35 View

Double Sided Display Bookcases

From £343.85 View

Mobile Fold Away Bookcase

From £358.00 View

Children's Mobile Bookcases

From £388.00 View

Alve Modular Soft Seating - Fabric

From £405.72 View

Maple Adult Bookcase

From £419.00 View

Kubbyclass Library Seat

From £424.35 View

Activity & Reading Table with 4 Soft Seats

From £466.80 View

Kubbyclass Library Seat Upholstered

From £501.98 View

Kubbyclass Library Archway

From £539.35 View

Kubbyclass Curved Library Bookcase

From £550.85 View

Kubbyclass Library Reading Nook

From £661.25 View

Kubbyclass Reading Nook Upholstered

From £744.63 View

Kubbyclass Hideaway Play Nook Set

From £1,351.25 View

Kubbyclass Display & Browse Reading Set

From £1,482.35 View

Kubbyclass Reading Corner Sets

From £1,702.00 View

Kubbyclass Reading Nook Set

From £1,930.85 View

Library Furniture For Schools

A school library is one of the most important places for learning and exploration. It is useful for driving a child's educational and creative developments, and as such, should be versatile, durable, and customizable. Selecting the right school library furniture provides an environment that appeals to students and invites greater participation in activities such as reading. Here are some key factors you'll need to consider for your school library furniture:

Library Needs: Utilizing Space

Whether in a primary school or secondary, the furniture should address the childrens' needs, and encourage learning, which means thinking about how students will utilize the space. Some students may need deep focus to read, others require enough space to partner with a classmate on a project, while others simply need a cozy place to stay productive and avoid distractions. 

Library Size

The size of your space will also dictate how much furniture you can accomodate. For example, a large and busy library area will need more tables and matching chairs. If your space is multipurpose, stacking library chairs with a trolley might suit. This will allow you to easily re-arrange the space as needed.


Most modern libraries are transitioning to flexible spaces, and the days of just having tables, desks, and bookcases are long gone. Introducing mobile furniture such as mobile bookcase units offers a way to achieve this as it allows students and teachers to move furniture as needed. Modular soft seating units also allow furniture to be moved and reconfigured when required. 


Primary school children are more aware and sensitive to their surroundings, especially those with specific sensory needs. Today's furniture is available in different colors, styles, and designs, offering visually stimulating and uplifting elements to the room. 


Another aspect of your school library furniture is ergonomics. Every piece of furniture should be adapted to the measurements of the students. A primary school has children of different ages, sizes, and heights. Schools will need to purchase chairs in multiple sizes to suit different age groups and tables at different heights or with height-adjustable function to fit different users. Ergonomic furniture has many benefits, including allowing movement and promoting concentration and comfort. 


Primary school students can be hard on furniture regardless of their age, so we recommend furniture made from robust and high-quality materials to withstand extensive daily use. Hardwood chairs and tables offer a strong and durable option which is easy to clean. Seating poufes with vinyl upholstery are easy to clean and durable, with a resistance to wear and tear.


At UK Educational Furniture, we carry a wide selection of school library furniture including chairs, tables, bookcases, storage solutions, shelves, study carrels, soft seating, and more. The furniture is available in different colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, perfect for any school library. Contact us today, and we'll be more than happy to help you find the right library furniture.