Cloakroom Furniture

School Cloakroom Furniture

School cloakroom furniture provides a storage solution for classrooms, helping to minimise mess and clutter, keeping bags and belongings safely stored away until required. These storage units can include cloakroom benches, bag storage units, coat peg rails, and open lockers.

UK Educational Furniture has a wide selection of cloakroom furniture for sale with products ideal for school changing room areas, sports hall and gym changing, and fitting a variety of educational and leisure cloakroom needs. These include single and double-sided benches, with or without backrests, which come in a variety of sizes and with a choice of frame colour options and wooden slat options. Other products in this section include the Single-Sided Bench With Overhead Hanging, and Wall Mounted Benches and hookstrips, ideal in changing room areas in and around the school, or for leisure halls, gyms, and other commercial working environments.

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Kubbyclass Mounted Coat Hooks

From £41.35 View

Wall Mounted Hook Strip

From £75.00 View


From £80.00 View

Wooden Cloakroom Benches - Single Sided

From £83.99 View

Kubby Class Premium Benches

From £119.52 View

Wall Mounted Bench

From £145.00 View

Wall Mounted Shelf & Rail

From £155.00 View

Single Sided Bench

From £155.00 View

Bubblegum Cloakroom Units

From £190.00 View

Premium Low Level Lockers - 1370mm High

From £192.53 View

Premium Bag Storage

From £192.53 View

Mobile Lunchbox Trolleys

From £223.60 View

Wooden Cloakroom Benches - Double Sided

From £257.14 View

Cloakroom Benches With Hooks - Single Sided

From £270.06 View

Double Sided Bench

From £275.00 View

Kubbyclass Coat Tidys

From £277.81 View

Bag Storage Units

From £280.00 View

Single Sided Bench With Back Rest

From £285.00 View

Enviro Changing Room Benches

From £289.00 View

Cloakroom Stations

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Single Sided Coat Hook Bench

From £310.00 View

Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

From £315.00 View

Storage Tray Trolleys

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Uniform Storage

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Double Lunchbox Trolley

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Cloakroom Benches With Hooks - Double Sided

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Lunchbox Trolley - Double

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Cloakroom Trolley

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Single Sided Bench With Overhead Hanging

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Double Sided Bench With Back Rest

From £515.00 View

Double Sided Coat Hook Bench

From £545.00 View

Double Sided Bench With Overhead Hanging

From £735.00 View

Designated Cloakroom Areas

Most schools have requirements for some school cloakroom furniture even if they do not have dedicated cloakrooms. Many modern classroom designs designate a corner for hanging up bags and coats, for example, so they are out of the way, rather than filling other classroom storage units when space is at a premium. Others may install school cloakroom storage products and furniture in corridors. As such, the product range needs to be versatile and to fit in well in numerous educational settings.

Durable School Cloakroom Storage

With many students using school cloakroom furniture several times a day, durability is an important buying consideration. Products like bag storage units and low-level lockers should provide resistance to daily wear and tear whilst also being easy to clean at the end of the school day. Heavy-duty storage bins that can slide in and out of the receptacle or cubby hole repeatedly are useful as are sturdy storage trolleys that may be wheeled about a school's premises multiple times a day.

Ergonomically Designed Furniture

Ergonomics, especially for early years and junior school settings, is crucial. Storage racks that double up as benches for students to change their footwear on, such as the Kubbyclass Coat Tidy for example, ought to be at the right height for the age group concerned. Hooks for coats and PE bags should also be within easy reach.

School Cloakroom Design 

Brightly coloured coat hooks and coat tidies are a good idea in early years classrooms since they help younger pupils to identify their allocated place more easily. Simplicity is often the key to a winning design style with modern cloakroom furniture and storage trolleys.

Materials Used For Cloakroom Furniture

Harmless natural materials are used for many school cloakroom furniture products so wood is often used for elements such as bench slats which students will come into direct contact with. For durability steel fixings and frames are often found while heavy duty plastics also have their place where hands will come into contact with the furniture as they are easy to wipe down.

At UK Educational Furniture, we have an extensive selection of cloakroom furniture for sale suitable for classrooms and schools. Please call or email us if you require any further information.