Activity, Sensory & Extras

Many early years school classrooms will be furnished with a variety of fun and interactive items, that while being interesting to the children they also assist the education and learning process. These include learning mats and carpets, themed furniture units, and role play furniture units. At UK Educational Furniture we supply a large selection of mats and carpets, such as the Zoo Animal Carpets and the 1-100 Numbers Carpet which serve as both bright furnishings, and also learning tools. We also supply some exciting themed furniture units which allow specific and colourful themed learning environments to be created in the classroom.

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From £25.00 View

Rock Around

From £50.00 View

1-24 Numbers Carpet

From £70.00 View

Go Go Traveller

From £80.00 View

Multicultural Carpets

From £90.00 View

1-100 Numbers Carpet

From £90.00 View

Floor Surfer

From £95.95 View

Mini Stilts

From £99.00 View

Nature Carpets

From £105.00 View

Set Of 6 Emotions Cushions (Single Sided) - Pack 1

From £105.00 View

Set Of 6 Emotions Cushions (Single Sided) - Pack 2

From £105.00 View

Giant Balancing Board

From £120.00 View

Balanco Balance Ball

From £120.00 View

Toadstool seating - Vinyl

From £135.00 View

Dice Stool Seating - Vinyl

From £135.00 View

Dice Stools Seating - Fabric

From £150.00 View

Snooze Mats

From £155.00 View

Toadstool Seating- Fabric

From £165.00 View

Zoo Animals Carpets

From £177.95 View

Alphabet Carpets

From £180.00 View

100 Square Counting Grid Carpet

From £210.00 View

100 Square Multiplication Grid Carpet

From £210.00 View

Mobile Lunchbox Trolleys

From £223.60 View

Childrens Trampoline

From £225.00 View

Folding Mud Kitchen

From £225.00 View

Emotions Carpets

From £235.00 View

Lunchbox Trolleys

From £240.00 View

Build N' Balance Course

From £260.00 View

Cloakroom Stations

From £303.65 View

Set Of 12 Emotions Cushions (Single Sided) + Trolley

From £325.00 View

Back To Nature Large Corner Bug Carpet

From £340.00 View

Back To Nature Large Square Bug Carpet

From £340.00 View

Double Lunchbox Trolley

From £355.00 View

Lunchbox Trolley - Double

From £405.00 View

Activity & Reading Table with 4 Soft Seats

From £524.50 View

Childrens Playhouse

From £525.00 View