How To Choose Classroom Table & Chair Heights by Simon Colenutt, 19/01/15

Looking for classroom chairs? Discover the UK standards for chair and desk heights to ensure they are appropriate for students of different age groups.

More often than not, encouraging children to learn effectively can feel more like an art than a science. Combining a stimulating environment with engaging lesson plans is essential to ensure children enjoy the process of learning, and take from their class time the relevant points needed.

But no matter how good a teacher is, or how inspiring their style of learning, a child's progress will be stifled if their classroom equipment is uncomfortable.

How To Choose Classroom Table and Chair Heights

What is the Latest European Classroom Furniture Standard?

To maximise a child's comfort in class, and to reduce the occurrence of osteopathic injuries, the European standard for school table heights and school chair heights underwent an overhaul in 2007 and again in 2015, with the aim of creating a more effective seating situation for all age groups. 

The new standard, the EN1729 Part 1 and 2, sets a minimum height for both student desks and chairs that vary depending on age group. The range of chair heights is from 260mm to 460mm and tables used in the classroom are 460mm - 760mm.  

The standard, drawn up by the Technical Committee for Europe, also details the new acceptable chair and table dimensions, intended to improve posture while sitting. With specially crafted touch-points, chairs are now required to discourage slouching and other postural errors.

What Are The Latest Studies on Classroom Chairs?

The latest government studies reveal that an average of 3 children per classroom suffer from some variation of back disorder. To minimise the effects of such conditions and reduce the likelihood of inflaming them, the new European standard takes the guesswork out of buying classroom tables and chairs and safeguards children from lesser-developed products.  Both schools and teachers are strongly encouraged when purchasing new classroom furniture to adhere to the latest European guidelines. 

What are the BS EN1729 Classroom Chair and Table Sizes?

Classroom chair heights now range from 260mm-460mm and classroom table heights now range from 460mm - 760mm. This caters to children between the ages of 3-18yrs+. For the full list of heights, see the chart above or speak to us today. Still undecided on what to choose? Read our guide on what to look for when choosing classroom chairs.

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