The Importance Of Good Staff Room Seating by Simon Colenutt, 13/08/15

Explore why choosing good staff room seating can make a difference for staff! Size, style, comfort, price, and robustness all play a part. Check out more here.

After a few hours in the classroom, most teachers find themselves longing for a short break away from their pupils. After making a cup of coffee, they head to the staff room ready to recline in a comfy chair and put their feet up for a few well-deserved minutes.

Thankfully for teachers, gone are the days when little plastic chairs used to line the staff room, a veritable recipe for back aches. Now, teachers have a variety of seating options to choose from, ranging from the convenient and cheap, to the elaborate and exquisite.

But what makes for great staffroom chairs?


Unfortunately, some teachers aren't blessed with large staffrooms. Some can feel no bigger than the supply cupboard that's used for storing exercise books.  But that doesn't mean seating has to suffer. Chairs, such as our Ascot Wooden Cantilever Chair and the Gap Chair have been designed to fit into any sized staffroom, and even in to smaller gaps.


Staffroom seats are seen as yet another expense the school has to bear. While it would be nice to have free reign of the catalogue, many teachers instead find seating is rather low down on the school's list of priorities.

While there are leather chairs for those lucky educators with a larger budget, options have been made available for teachers operating on smaller ones. The Jade Reception Chair is one of those smart options.


Colour is important these days. To the relief of children everywhere, schools are no longer dull, lifeless places, but are in fact quite colourful and well coordinated.

If a staffroom displays a certain colour scheme, finding seating to match that scheme is important.


A staffroom is in a school and a school is full of kids. That means, things will have a mysterious habit of breaking. Cutting costs too fine really doesn't pay off in the long run, as most schools have found out the hard way. Chairs need to be pretty endurable to cope with sudden slumping and jumping movements.

A wide range of choices

UK Educational Furniture has tried to consider all of the above points for you. This means, the range of classroom seating options found on the company webpage includes seats that come in all colours, sizes, materials and prices.

Check out our range of chairs for staffrooms.

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