Types of Staffroom Furniture for Schools by UK Educational Furniture, 05/03/19

We have put together a list of the different types of staffroom furniture that you should consider having for your school.

It is important to make sure that you have all the right furniture for your students at school and any spending budget for furniture considers the wellbeing of your students. But it is important that you also consider the school furniture you provide in your staffroom and reception as it is important you keep everyone involved with the school happy. It is important that your staff have somewhere to relax and get away from their desk. It can be difficult to know what different types of staffroom furniture you need for schools though. We have put together a list of the different types of staffroom furniture that you should consider having for your school.


An important aspect for any staffroom is to make sure you include some sofa seating so that your staff have somewhere to get away from their desk and take a break. This provides some time for your staff to relax and refresh in between lessons, which can make a massive difference and help them provide the best standard of teaching for their students. There are a wide range of different sofas available for your staffroom with different price points starting at around £135. You should make sure that you have enough seating for everyone who will be using the staffroom.

Metro Modular Sofa - £135.00

Tub Chairs

Another great piece of furniture that you should think about having in your staffroom is comfortable tub chairs to provide an alternative to sofas. It can also help you to provide more seating without buying large sofas that take up a lot of room. Tub chairs can also give your staff a bit of personal space if they just want to take a bit of a break on their own and read a book for example. You can find tub seating in both one and two seater chairs and the price varies but often starts from around £150. It is a great alternative to sofas and provides a stylish and comfortable place for your staff to relax.

Epsom Tub and 2 Seater Tub - £149.00

Coffee Tables

You should also make sure that you provide some coffee tables in the staffroom to complete the look and provide a relaxed atmosphere for your staff. It also provides a space for them to put down their coffee, drink or food while they chat to their colleagues. It can also provide somewhere to rest papers or a laptop while you take a break. This is a small detail that often gets overlooked but is something that really completes the look of your staffroom. Coffee tables are also available from around £79 too so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Low Coffee Tables - £79.00

Meeting Tables

It is important that you have a meeting table and chairs in your school, either in the staffroom or in a separate meeting room. Adding a meeting table in the staffroom can mean that it becomes a dual purpose table and can be used for other things, such as a place for staff to sit and eat their lunch. If you don’t have a dedicated meeting table then it can make meetings feel somewhat unformal and your staff might not take them as seriously or keep focus. If you don’t have a great deal of room then why not consider a folding table so you can push the table to one side when you are not having a meeting.

Folding TX Rectangular Table - £120.00

Reception Seating

Thinking about appearances of your school, you should also consider what kind of reception seating you are providing for both parents and staff. Creating a good first impression is important to make sure that parents are happy to send their children to a well presentable school and you also make a good impression to trustees and other external visitors. You should consider how many visitors you may have at any one point and make sure that you have provided enough seating for them to sit down under normal circumstances.

Waiting Room Chairs - £89.95

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