How Much Do Folding Tables Cost? by UK Educational Furniture, 04/02/19

Folding Tables cost from £50 for smaller tables to around £150 for larger tables. Find out more about folding table designs.

Folding Tables cost from £50 for smaller tables to around £150 for larger tables. If you are looking for round tables or other designs then you could end up paying slightly more, with some designer folding tables costing upwards of £410.

Folding tables in a school can help you save space and can be used for a variety of purposes, so when not in use as canteen tables, the tables can be stored away allowing the space to be used for other activities. This could be all kinds of things such as physical activities like sports or even for things like dances and proms. Folding tables come in a range of different sizes and styles to suit all of your needs and are easy to put down and out of the way when you have functions in a space. They can even be ideal for function rooms when you are having a lecture or meeting but want to utilise the space for dining or other seated activities. Whether large or small, there are a range of folding tables that are perfect to meet your needs.

Small Folding Tables

There is a wide range of smaller folding tables that are perfect for all kinds of spaces and can help you make the most of your room. They come in a wide array of sizes and styles to make sure that you find the right kind of folding table to suit your space. You can find tables in both wooden and coloured finishes which are perfect for events, schools or anywhere else that you might want to save space. Below we have included some of the most popular small folding tables that are perfect for all kinds of spaces.

·         Gopak Economy Folding Tables - £64.80

·         Plywood Banqueting/Function Table - £80.00

Large Folding Tables

If you are looking for larger folding tables which are round or a wider depth than the standard folding tables, then this will cost slightly more. Many tables are available in a range of different sizes so you should make sure you check before buying as some economy tables might still come in a size that’s suitable for your needs. Some of the largest folding tables available include sizes such as 2000mm x 1000mm and 2400mm x 750mm. These can vary in cost depending on size, shape and finish but there are a number of different options. Some of the costs for large folding tables include;

·         Super Tough Lightweight Rectangular Folding Table - £150

·         Super-Tough Lightweight Semi-Circular Folding Table - £180

·         Executive Rectangular Folding Meeting Tables - £230

Stacking Benches

Another great way to save space is to opt for stacking benches to go along with your folding tables. Chairs can take up a lot of room and don’t always provide the space for as many people. Using stacking benches is a great way to maximise your space further so that you have enough space in your room. Once again these come in different finishes and sizes and can fold away to stack just like your folding tables. Some of the more popular stacking benches include;

·         Gopak Economy Stacking Benches - £50.33

·         Gopak Premier Stacking Benches - £76.43

Don’t Forget

It is also important to remember how you are going to transport your folding tables as some of the large tables can be quite heavy. Some of the more expensive folding tables include wheels so that you can easily wheel them out of the way before folding and stacking them. But if you want to take them out of the space all together to really maximise the room, then you might want to consider a folding table trolley. These are available in different sizes and cost around £200, like this Gopak Rectangular Folding Table Trolley

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