Restaurant and Fast Food Furniture

Fast food restaurant seating is fixed, comfortable, easy to clean and strong. This distinctive design means that takeaway tables and chairs are ideal for other eating environments, such as school canteens. These are also popular in cafes, building site canteens, theme parks, and other refreshment areas in public places.   

Our takeaway tables can be excellent for use within school canteens for a number of reasons. We stock a range of fast food units, all with a tough laminated table top, all in different colours and of different materials. From one-piece polypropylene to laminated beech seating and metal seating to cushioned seating upholstered in vinyl. 

Takeaway Seating Chairs

Restaurants and canteen areas come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, we stock a variety of fast food units, suitable for groups of 2 to 6 people. Rectangular takeaway units come as 2, 4, or 6-seaters. Our most popular and best-selling booth is the Eco Range Fast Food Seating Units, an excellent economy option for canteen seating. We also offer round fast food units, which can provide a more sociable solution in environments where square or rectangular seating is no longer viable.

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FD1 Fast Delivery Fast Food Unit - Plastic Seats

From £205.00 View

Curtis Poly Fast Food Dining Units

From £245.00 View

SD1 Fast Food Unit - Wooden Seats

From £255.00 View

NP Poly Chair Canteen Table Units

From £270.00 View

SD2 Fast Food Unit - Vinyl Seats

From £325.00 View

Vinyl Upholstered Bench Fast Food Units

From £330.00 View

SD3 Fast Food Unit - Metal Perforated Seats

From £375.00 View

Wooden Bench Fast Food Unit

From £390.00 View

Four Seater Bench Canteen Table Unit

From £395.00 View

Moto High Table & Stools

From £435.00 View

Werner Fast Food Units

From £445.00 View

Tolhurst Fast Food Seating

From £450.00 View

SD4 Fast Food Unit - Vinyl Bench Seat

From £455.00 View

SD5 Fast Food Unit - Vinyl Bench With Buttons

From £465.00 View

Dornie Fast Food Unit

From £480.00 View

Taylor Fast Food Unit

From £510.00 View

Travis Fast Food Unit

From £515.00 View

Charter Metal Seat Fast Food Unit

From £525.00 View

Ava Booth Seating - Fabric

From £545.00 View

Centro Dining Table & Bench Set

From £565.00 View

Dyad Fast Food Upholstered Seating Unit

From £575.00 View

Uno Fast Food Upholstered Seating Unit

From £575.00 View

Moto Tables & Benches

From £585.00 View

Sefton Fast Food Unit

From £620.00 View

Chrome Seat Fast Food Unit

From £635.00 View

Stada Tables & Benches

From £685.00 View

Urbane Tables & Benches

From £765.00 View

Premium White Top Dining Bench Set

From £795.00 View

Woodland Tables & Benches

From £1,365.00 View

Restaurant Furniture For A Variety of Settings

The strength and capacity of takeaway tables and chairs mean that they are popular in a range of settings. Fast food canteen furniture can be found in a variety of commercial and contract environments, including restaurants and cafes, leisure, schools, hospitals, bars, student unions, building site canteens and other workplace settings.  

Rigid, Robust, & Easy to Maintain Restaurant Seating

The benefits of fast food units over moveable tables and chairs is that they are one-piece units with a single welded frame, often floor-fixed. Therefore, they are more rigid and less prone to damage by being moved around. This is excellent for busy environments, handling large volumes of diners.  

Durable Restaurant Tables & Chairs

The componentry which includes a welded metal frame in epoxy powder coating paint, and a laminated top, with a choice of polypropylene, metal, beech laminate or vinyl seating, means the units are all easy to wipe down and clean. These materials are key for busy dining areas where hygiene and space are critical such as takeaway restaurants or school canteens. 

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