Combination Safes (Combine Fire/Data/Security Safe In One)

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The Combination Safe provides three safes in one (fire safe, data safe, and security safe). Ideal for any school, office, or business. The Combination Safe series are manufactured from the best quality EGI steel plate and, when combined with the latest fire resistant technology, a safe of massive strength, security and innovation is produced. Great attention was given in the design of the safe to create not only resistance to attack by force or fire, but also to simplicity and ease of use.

The user friendly electronic digital lock allows the user to programme their own personal code from up to 16 easily remembered numbers, with a master code override if required.

Whenever an emergency arises, simply close the door and the PAL automatic locking facility takes over.

Sliding steel bolts, 30mm in diameter, will immediately engage into the door frame, locking the door shut and prevent access by force. In addition, a unique combination of door curvature seals will also present a virtually airtight defence against penetration by heat, gases and the chemicals ever present in a fire.

Even greater strength and resistance can be obtained with an optional PAD 4, anchor system. This device permanently bolts the safe to any type of floor and prevents its physical removal from the premises. Use of this system not only deters attack, but also significantly increases the insurance rating of the safe.

  • Three safes in one (fire safe, data safe and security safe).
  • Data Media... 120 minutes fire protection.
  • Paper records and documents... 120 minutes fire protection.
  • Cash... £2,500 insurance cover.
  • Valuables and Jewellery... £25,000 insurance cover.

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