Safety Cabinets

UK Educational Furniture supplies a variety of safety cupboards and cabinets which will be a requirement for different areas in and around the school, education facility, or workplace. These include Hazardous Cabinets for the storage of hazardous materials in labs, workshops, work sites etc., and Medical Cabinets for storage of medical equipment. We are also suppliers of safes, safe cupboards, and fireproof cabinets, such as the Fireproof Filing Cabinets, all of which may be essential storage in a busy education organisation. The 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet With Security Bar is another popular product, essential for the safe and secure storage of sensitive documentation in a school setting.

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Key Boxes

From £30.50 View

Electronic Key Safe Cabinets

From £99.00 View

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Lockers

From £140.00 View

Medical Cabinets

From £145.00 View

PPE Cabinets

From £170.00 View

Clean & Dirty Locker

From £205.00 View

Hazardous Cabinets

From £205.00 View

Toxic Cabinets

From £210.00 View

Uniform / Janitorial Locker

From £225.00 View

Acid/Alkaline Cabinets

From £225.00 View

Economy Janitor's Cupboard

From £255.00 View

Fortress Security Safes

From £255.00 View

Premium Janitor's Cupboard

From £275.00 View

4-Drawer Filing Cabinet With Security Bar

From £295.00 View

Electronic Security Fire Safes - Compact Size

From £295.00 View

Janitorial Cupboard

From £315.00 View

Data Protection Cabinets

From £465.00 View

Electronic Security Fire Safes - Large Capacity

From £645.00 View

Combination Safes (Combine Fire/Data/Security Safe In One)

From £795.00 View

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

From £975.00 View