Electronic Security Fire Safes - Large Capacity

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  • stamp Delivery Approximately 1 Week
  • stamp Ground Floor Delivery (Or Call For Price For Upper Floor Deliveries)

Designed to meet the requirements of a large capacity fire resistant safe for residential and business use. Ideal for any school, office, or organisation where sensitive documentation needs to be protected. The body of the safes are constructed from galvanised steel plate with a virtually airtight recessed curvature door. This specially designed door prevents fire and smoke damage to the contents of the safe. Furthermore each safe is insulated with an amazing fire resistant material that actively repels heat. Each safe comes complete with shelf units to suit any combination of requirements and maximise its large interior capacity. Products are delivered & put into position on ground floor only.

  • The modern, compact design and high quality finish disguises a safe that will protect its contents from fire at temperatures of 945°C for 90 mins. NT Fire 017-90 test.
  • It will also meet the stringent insurance requirements of an overnight cash rating up to £2000.00.
  • High security electronic lock programmable with users own code up to 14 digits in length.
  • High quality scratch resistant paint (RAL 9002).
  • Product 210702 & 210703 fitted with lockable drawer.

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Electronic Security Fire Safe - Large Size Includes Delivery & Position
Product Code: EF1499
622 (External) 390 (Internal) 460 (External) 320 (Internal) 470 (External) 310 (Internal) 101 1 / 0 £645.00
Electronic Security Fire Safe - Large Size Includes Delivery & Position
Product Code: EF1500
792 (External) 560 (Internal) 500 (External) 360 (Internal) 490 (External) 330 (Internal) 159 1 / 1 £795.00
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