Gratnells Individual Plastic Trays - All Tray Sizes

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Four sizes (see below) of award-winning Gratnells plastic trays, available in a variety of colours. The material used to make the trays has been chosen for quality and safety. For quality the trays are made from 20% talc filled Polypropylene giving strength and rigidity. For safety Polypropylene is chemically resistant to the majority of chemicals used in schools and semi-fireretardant at 0.22mm per min. There is also an anti-static additive in the Polypropylene to reduce the attraction of dust.
Clip-on polypropylene lids shown in images not available to purchase. 
  • Shallow Tray 312W x 427D x 75H
  • Deep Tray 312W x 427D x 150H
  • Extra-Deep Tray 312W x 427D x 225H
  • Jumbo Tray 312W x 427D x 300H
  • Available In A Wide Range Of Colours 

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Products Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Price each
(excl VAT)
A4TR Gratnells Shallow Tray
Product Code: EF134
312 427 75 £7.50
X2TR Gratnells Deep Tray
Product Code: EF135
312 427 150 £10.00
X3TR Gratnells Extra Deep Tray
Product Code: EF136
312 427 225 £14.00
X4TR Gratnells Jumbo Tray
Product Code: EF137
312 427 300 £17.00
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