Monarch Plastic Trays - All Sizes

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Four sizes (see below) of New Monarch plastic trays, available in a variety of colours. Clip-on polypropylene lids also available and one lid size fits all 4 size trays. The material used to make the trays has been chosen for quality and safety.  For safety Polypropylene is chemically resistant to the majority of chemicals used in schools and semi-fire retardant at 0.22mm per min. There is also an anti-static additive in the Polypropylene to reduce the attraction of dust. Minimum order 6 trays.

-Monarch Trays Can Replace Gratnells Trays For Most Units, However We Advise Ordering A Sample Tray To Test In Any Existing Units
-Monarch Tray Colours Are Very Similar To Gratnells Tray Colours
-Monarch Trays Have A Slightly Different Design To Gratnells Trays With Round Front Edge Handle Profile

  • New Monarch Single Tray 312W x 425D x 76H
  • New Monarch Double Tray 312W x 425D x 152H
  • New Monarch Triple Tray 312W x 425D x 229H
  • New Monarch Quad Tray 312W x 425D x 305H
  • Available In A Wide Range Of Colours With 
  • Clear Trays Available
  • New Monarch Translucent Clip-On Lids Available

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Products Overall Width (mm) Overall Depth (mm) Overall Height (mm) Price each
(excl VAT)
MT001 Monarch Single Tray
Product Code: EF15404
312 425 76 £7.00
MT002 Monarch Double Tray
Product Code: EF15405
312 425 152 £9.50
MT003 Monarch Triple Tray
Product Code: EF15406
312 425 229 £12.00
MT004 Monarch Quad Tray
Product Code: EF15407
312 425 305 £15.50
MT001 Monarch Tray Lid Translucent One Size Fits All
Product Code: EF15408
312 425 £5.00
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