Ricochet Wobble Stools

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Ricochet Wobble Stools support student movement, which is essential for cognitive development. Fidgeting can help keep bodies and minds engaged. Ricochet was created to encourage this movement, whilst also being easy to reposition around a space. Studies have shown that physical activity improves cognitive development. The stool's rounded base offers up to 12 degrees of stable rocking motion, allowing the user to wobble on the spot. It is also easy to rotate 360-degrees, so students can easily redirect their attention around a room. Lightweight, Ricochet is easy to reposition with its integrated handle under the waterfall seat edge. It can even be stacked up to 3 high when not required. Its robust construction makes it durable and well-suited to students of all ages. (For Adult Height Ricochet Wobble Stools, See Related Products).

  • Ricochet Wobble Stools
  • Non-Slip Thermoplastic Rubber Base Suitable For Carpet & Hard Floors
  • Slightly Concave Seat Pad With Textured Surface For Added Comfort
  • Available In 4 Heights
  • For Adult Height Ricochet Wobble Stools, See Related Products
  • Ideal For The Laboratory, Science Room, Technology Classroom Etc.
  • Available In 4 Colours
  • Stackable To 3 High (Upside Down)
  • 400 Pound (181kg) Weight Rating
  • 15 Year Guarantee

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Ricochet Wobble Stool - 300mm High
Product Code: EF12396
300 300 £65.95
Ricochet Wobble Stool - 350mm High
Product Code: EF12397
300 350 £67.95
Ricochet Wobble Stool - 400mm High
Product Code: EF12398
300 400 £69.95
Ricochet Wobble Stool - 450mm High
Product Code: EF12399
300 450 £71.95
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