Sienna Individual Stage Modules

  • stamp Product Requires Simple Assembly
  • stamp Manufacturers Guarantee 5 Years
  • stamp Delivery 4-5 Weeks

Sienna Individual Stage Modules - can be added to Sienna Stage Sets (see Related Products) or can be purchsed individually to create your own stage configuration. Modules include Square Stage Units, Triangular Stage Units, Carpeted Plinth Panels, Low & Tall Step Units, and a Trolley to move and store the staging units. The staging system is strong, lightweight and practical, and suitable for school plays, performances, and presentation events. All of the stage modules are available in 4 height options to suit all age groups. 

The platform frame is manufactured from 60mm x 22mm solid maple, supported by 12mm birch plywood top and legs. The system has been designed for easy assembly, and includes connection bolts which will require simple fitting and tightening. For take down and storage, the legs fit neatly inside the top frame of each module, which can then be stored in the trolley. 

The 230mm high staging modules do not require a Step Unit, but the other 3 heights are recommended to go with 1 x Low Step Unit. (For the tallest height - 613mm high modules, some customers choose to order an additional Tall Step Unit). 

The carpeted top helps prevent slipping and is available in 6 colour options - dark red, dark blue, dark green, charcoal, light grey, and brown. Bespoke stage sets sizes are also available - please contact our sales team for a quote. Manufactured in the UK, and with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.

  • Sienna Individual Stage Modules
  • Supplement Sienna Stage Sets (See Related Products) Or Create Your Own Stage Configuration
  • Square Units, Triangular Units, Plinth Panels, Low & Tall Steps, Trolley
  • Low Step Required With 310, 460 & 613mm High Units (No Step Required With 230mm High Units)
  • Optional Tall Step Can Be Ordered For The Tallest 613mm High Units
  • 4 Height Options - 230mm, 310mm, 460mm, 613mm
  • Strong, Lightweight & Practical
  • Carpet Top Colour Options - Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Charcoal, Light Grey Or Brown
  • Modules Come Flat Packed With Connecting Bolts For Simple Assembly & Disassembly
  • For Each Module, Legs Will Flat Pack & Fit Neatly Into The Top Frame
  • Optional Trolley Will Accomodate Up To 20 Units 
  • Ideal For Schools, Churches Etc.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Uk Manufactured
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Products Overall Width (mm) Overall Depth (mm) Overall Height (mm) Price each
(excl VAT)
Sienna Square Stage Modules
Sienna Square Stage Unit - 230mm High
Product Code: EF15380
760 760 230 £170.00
Sienna Square Stage Unit - 310mm High
Product Code: EF15382
760 760 310 £175.00
Sienna Square Stage Unit - 460mm High
Product Code: EF15383
760 760 460 £195.00
Sienna Square Stage Unit - 613mm High
Product Code: EF15384
760 760 613 £205.00
Sienna Triangular Stage Modules
Sienna Triangular Stage Unit - 230mm High
Product Code: EF15386
760 760 230 £185.00
Sienna Triangular Stage Unit - 310mm High
Product Code: EF15387
760 760 310 £195.00
Sienna Triangular Stage Unit - 460mm High
Product Code: EF15388
760 760 460 £210.00
Sienna Triangular Stage Unit - 613mm High
Product Code: EF15389
760 760 613 £220.00
Plinth Panels
Sienna Carpeted Plinth Panel - 230mm High
Product Code: EF15391
760 230 £55.00
Sienna Carpeted Plinth Panel - 310mm High
Product Code: EF15392
760 310 £60.00
Sienna Carpeted Plinth Panel - 460mm High
Product Code: EF15393
760 460 £65.00
Sienna Carpeted Plinth Panel - 613mm High
Product Code: EF15394
760 613 £80.00
Step Units
Sienna Low Step Unit (For 310, 460 & 613mm High Stages)
Product Code: EF15396
760 230 230 £190.00
Sienna Tall Step Unit (Optional For 613mm High Stage)
Product Code: EF15397
760 230 310 £195.00
Sienna Stage Trolley (Holds Up To 20 Units)
Product Code: EF15399
Carpet Colour
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