School Lockers

UK Educational Furniture supplies a number of different upright lockers suitable for locker rooms, as part of the school cloakroom furniture, sports hall changing rooms, and other workshop or industrial applications. The ranges include standard Single Door Lockers, child-height Low-Level Lockers, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 16 Door Lockers, all for a variety of working and storage environments in industry, commerce, public area and education. We also supply more specialised PPE Labelled Lockers, for the control and storage of safety equipment. Standard Wooden Low Level Lockers or Wooden Box Lockers, provide easy and attractive storage in any school or classroom environment.

If you are looking Lockers for your school, workplace or sports hall, then visit our online shop. We have a range of metal & wooden lockers.

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Low Lockers - 1 & 2 Doors

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Single Door Lockers

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PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Lockers

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Two Door Lockers

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3 Door Lockers

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4 Door Lockers

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Premium Low Level Lockers - 1370mm High

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5 Door Lockers

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Clean & Dirty Locker

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Uniform / Janitorial Locker

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6 Door Lockers

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Timber Effect Lockers

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Wooden Lockers - 1800mm High

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Kubbyclass Lockers

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Clear Door Lockers

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4-Drawer Filing Cabinet With Security Bar

From £295.00 View

Cloakroom Stations

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8 Door Locker

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Janitorial Cupboard

From £315.00 View

16 Door Locker

From £485.00 View

Bubblegum Lockers

From £755.00 View

School Lockers

Lockers are essential in educational establishments as they allow for the tidy, safekeeping of students' belongings. Students can store their bags and other possessions away, rather than carry them around during the day. Gone are the days when school lockers pretty much looked the same. Today, there are numerous choices of design, style, size, colour, and so on. Some considerations when you are choosing lockers for school are below:


Everyone is ultimately looking for a return on investment (ROI) when making any purchase of furniture including any school storage. So, the longevity of your new school locker should be your number one priority.


A school locker can be made out of several materials, including:


Metal is the traditional choice for school lockers. It's cost-effective and comes in a range of sizes and color options.

Plastic is waterproof/water-resistant, ideal for outdoor or damp spaces.

Wood provides warmth and style.

Laminate offers resistance against scratches and unwanted graffiti. It's also easy to clean and withstand wear and tear.

Each material has its different advantages, so it is best to research your requirements well before making a long-term investment.


What volume of locker space will your students need to store their belongings? How many doors do you want the lockers to have? School lockers come in differing sizes, so for daycare or primary schools where children need to store a backpack with a few books, cube or low lockers are the ideal size. Higher lockers are more suitable for secondary schools, offering lots of vertical space without taking up so much floor space. Be sure to factor in height restrictions in the room.

Top Design

Flat tops offer extra storage space for non-valuable belonging. On the other hand, sloping tops restrict storing items on top of the locker, thus presenting a cleaner and more aesthetic appearance.


You can opt for a single door locker or a multi-door one, depending on the overall needs of the students. If your students don't need all the vertical storage space of a high locker, primary school lockers split into multiple compartments for each student might suit.


Nowadays, students bring valuable and expensive items to schools, such as laptops, phones, and clothing. While the responsibility of keeping them safe usually lies with the students, schools can help prevent theft and vandalism. The most important part of securing a school locker is the lock. Here are the three common locking options:

Cam lock: Students are given a small key

Hasp lock: A padlock is required here, giving students the option to buy their own

Combination lock: This keyless system requires users to enter a predetermined code to access their locker. It allows for easy combination changes for new students.


Having high quality school lockers with an aesthetically-pleasing appearance helps your school look more modern and clean. The good news is that lockers come in a range of designs, styles, and colours. Blue and silver-grey are common colours but, in a school environment, often more vibrant colours can bring an uplift to the room. That will help brighten up the space and create a livelier and more welcoming atmosphere.


At UK Educational Furniture, we offer school lockers in various configurations, colours, locking mechanisms, designs, and materials. Whether you want a few lockers for a classroom or hallways lined with nesting school lockers, we can help you find the right one(s) for your students and space needs. Get in touch with us today for more information or to place an order.