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Classroom Cupboards & Cabinets

School cupboard units for the classroom, office, or archiving areas, can come in various shapes and sizes around the school, college, or educational facility. UK Educational Furniture has a wide choice of school cupboard storage in a variety of heights and widths, such as Slimline Cupboards, Wall-Mounted Cupboards, and Plastic Tray Storage Cupboards. We also offer a variety of metal school storage units including Metal Stationery Cupboards and Tambour-Door Cupboards, which can be used in the school office, classroom or other storage areas. Other units built with doors or drawers for the education sector include plans chests, laptop cupboards, media cupboards, and 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet With Security Bar.

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Primus Wooden Pedestals

From £120.00 View

Wall Mounted Box File Cupboards

From £122.75 View

Mobile Pedestals

From £123.00 View

Premium Slimline Cupboards

From £127.92 View

Steel Pedestals

From £142.00 View

Start Pedestal Drawer Units

From £145.00 View

SO Steel Filing Cabinets

From £145.00 View

Grey Metal 2, 3, & 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets

From £145.00 View

Primus Wooden Cupboards

From £155.00 View

White Metal 2,3 & 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets

From £160.00 View

730mm High Cupboard

From £160.00 View

Primus Wooden Filing Cabinets

From £169.00 View

Premium Tray Storage Cupboards In White & Grey

From £170.00 View

Half-Height Grey Stationery Storage Cupboard

From £175.00 View

Start Wooden Cupboards

From £179.00 View

Slimline Single-Door Stationery Cupboard

From £185.00 View

6ft Grey Stationery Storage Cupboard

From £195.00 View

1200mm High Cupboard

From £196.00 View

Premium Wooden Cupboard Storage

From £202.22 View

Start Filing Cabinets

From £215.00 View

Bubblegum Room Dividers Storage

From £215.00 View

2, 3 & 4-Drawer Filing Cabinets Wooden

From £230.00 View

System Cupboards & Bookcases

From £235.00 View

Bubblegum Cupboards

From £240.00 View

Premium Tray & Cupboard Storage

From £251.96 View

Boxfile Storage Cupboards

From £257.14 View

Colour Contract Filing Cabinets

From £260.00 View

2m High Grey Stationery Cupboard

From £260.00 View

1800mm High Cupboard

From £265.00 View

Wooden Storage Cupboards

From £275.00 View

Metre Wide Cupboards

From £283.62 View

Colour Steel Stationery Cupboards

From £285.00 View

4-Drawer Filing Cabinet With Security Bar

From £295.00 View

Coloured Edge Wooden School Storage Cupboards

From £295.00 View

1m High Grey Tambour Storage Cupboard

From £295.00 View

Premium White & Grey Cupboard Storage

From £300.00 View

Tambour Cupboards

From £325.00 View

Uniform Storage

From £342.08 View

System Tambour Cupboards & Bookcases

From £365.00 View

Premium Tray 6ft High Cupboards

From £387.62 View

2m High Grey Tambour Storage Cupboard

From £395.00 View

Part-Filled Plastic Tray Storage Cupboards

From £430.00 View

Wooden 6 Drawer A1 Plans Chest

From £445.00 View

A1 Mobile 4 Drawer Plans Chest

From £457.42 View

A2 Mobile 6 Drawer Plans Chest

From £485.20 View

Pigeon Hole Cupboard Units ( 12-30 Space)

From £502.64 View

Plastic Tray Wooden Storage Cupboards - Open And With Doors

From £530.00 View

A1 Mobile 6 Drawer Plans Chest

From £554.33 View

A2 Mobile 8 Drawer Plans Chest

From £624.10 View

Ultimate Storage With Cupboard

From £640.00 View

A1 Mobile 8 Drawer Plans Chest

From £693.23 View

Double Height Pigeon Hole Cupboards (24-60 Space)

From £748.15 View

A1 10 Drawer Plans Chest

From £832.14 View

Bubblegum Art Cupboard

From £835.00 View

The Office Organiser

From £903.21 View

Ultimate Storage Range With Trays & Doors

From £960.00 View

The Office Organiser With Tray Storage

From £1,104.98 View

Ultimate Storage Range Open With Trays

From £1,135.00 View

Kubbyclass Paper Storage Waterfall

From £1,290.85 View

School Cupboards & School Cabinets For Teachers & Students

Essential to most classrooms, school cupboards are used by teachers and students on a regular basis. Suitable for a range of educational environments our practical cupboards can be used to store essential supplies and equipment, such as books, arts and crafts materials and children’s work. For teaching staff we have a range of lockable storage units, such as our stationery cupboards and filing cabinets with security locking bar.

School Storage Units For Every Area Of The School

School storage cabinets can be installed in classrooms, gym rooms or as part of the school cloakroom furniture, offices and administration areas, and allow the safe storage of work and personal belongings. Made from durable materials and manufactured to the highest standard, our school cupboard ranges include lockable mobile cupboards, slimline cupboards, plastic tray storage cupboards, plans chests and paper tray storage units, lockable stationery cupboards, tambour cupboards and filing cabinets.



School storage units are important to all learning institutions. Why not take a look at the different types of cupboards and cabinets we offer, all manufactured to a high standard, robust, and affordable.