Canteen Chairs

Canteen Chairs & Seating For Schools and Colleges

Canteen furniture for eating areas and canteens in any school, college, or education establishment can be wide and varied. UK Educational Furniture is able to offer canteen chairs & seating suitable for breakout areas, the canteen, dining room seating, cafe and bistro chairs, folding chairs such as the Polyprop Folding Chair, or a variety of stacking and banqueting chairs for multi-seating events such as marquee and outdoor functions. Popular canteen chairs such as the Gusto Side Chair - stackable and easy to wipe clean, will fit comfortably in colleges and educational academies where style and presentation are of high importance. For upholstered wipeable seating we also supply a large range of vinyl chairs.

As part of the canteen furniture we supply, we also have a wide range of school canteen tables available including banquet tables, bistro tables and dining benches to complement our canteen chairs.

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Hille Polyside Chair

From £29.95 View

Plastic Stacking Chairs

From £32.00 View

Rix One Piece Stacking Chair

From £32.95 View

Next Day Delivery Stacking Plastic Chairs

From £33.95 View

ISO Stacking chair

From £35.00 View

Plastic Stacking Chairs With Arms

From £38.00 View

Polypropylene Canteen Stacking Chair

From £39.95 View

Midas Side Chair

From £41.50 View

Fabric Stacking Chair

From £42.95 View

RS Reverse Cantilever Chair

From £43.25 View

Pop Chairs

From £43.50 View

Banqueting Chair

From £47.95 View

Polyprop Folding Chair

From £49.00 View

Gusto Side Chair

From £49.75 View

Monsa Stacking Chair

From £53.00 View

Plaza Armchair

From £55.50 View

Monsa Stacking Armchair

From £56.00 View

Verse A-Frame Stacking Chair

From £59.00 View

Square Back Banqueting Chair

From £59.00 View

Round Back Banqueting Chair

From £61.00 View

Fabric Stacking Chair With Arms

From £61.95 View

Marco Side Chairs - Black

From £62.00 View

Marco Side Chairs - Taupe

From £62.00 View

Snowden Side Chair

From £63.00 View

Mila Armchairs

From £66.00 View

Noah Stacking Chair

From £66.95 View

Beech/Chrome Bistro Chair

From £67.00 View

Lava Dining Chair

From £68.00 View

C1 High Stool With Back

From £70.00 View

Wood/Chrome Stacking Chair

From £73.00 View

C1 High Stool With Back - Vinyl

From £80.00 View

Piero Metal Bistro Chair

From £84.00 View

Contract Cafe / Bistro Chair

From £84.00 View

Seba Side Chair

From £85.00 View

Fundamental Dining Seating

From £88.00 View

Linton Polypropylene 4 Leg Chair

From £95.00 View

Linton Skid Chrome Frame Stacking Chairs

From £99.00 View

Anton Side Chairs

From £113.00 View

Alfred Side Chair

From £115.00 View

Linton Beech Leg Poly Chair

From £115.00 View

Edwin Side Chair

From £130.00 View

Linton Poly Chair Metal Frame

From £135.00 View

White High Gloss Tall Wooden Cafe / Bistro Chair

From £145.95 View

Beech Tall Wooden Cafe / Bistro Chair

From £145.95 View

Walnut Tall Wooden Cafe / Bistro Chair

From £145.95 View

Bistro Set

From £309.00 View

Gala Dining Tables & Benches

From £565.00 View

Canteen Chairs For Education


Canteen Furniture For A Variety Of Settings At School Or College:


Canteen tables and chairs will be required within most schools where dining areas are made available for students and staff. Whether it be a designated canteen area or an assembly hall which is transformed into an eating hall at lunchtimes, furniture will need to be available for seating and dining. Aside from a main canteen, many schools will have breakout or bistro areas where students can relax and eat at the same time, or café areas, or temporary pop-up seating areas for events and other functions.


Choice of Canteen Chairs:


Polypropylene wipe-clean stacking or folding chairs will suit many schools, whereas upholstered vinyl seating may suit other organisations where softer padded seating is required, but still wipeable and easy to clean. Bench style dining tables and benches are proving a popular choice for many schools and colleges too.




If you are looking for canteen chairs for your school, academy or university, please browse our selection of chairs and call our sales team if you have any questions on 0844 8248670.