Meeting Booths

Meeting Booths Or Pods are specifically designed to address modern working practices by offering that essential private area in any busy work place to accommodate working groups with exeptional comfort and practicality. High backs offer a private place for employees to sit & relax, or for teams to meet in seclusion. With optional power supplies and TV brackets, meeting pods are perfect soft seating solution for open space environments within the office.

UK Educational furniture offer a range of meeting booths - low and high back in a range of stock fabrics making delivery of just 3 weeks from order with options of dual tone fabric which incorporates playful brights and muted tones perfect for the modern office interior. All other fabric/vinyl options delivery is 5-6 lead time from order.

For wooden study carrels, used in classrooms, libraries, and ICT suites, please see our study booths category. 

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Ava Booth Seating - Fabric

From £545.00 View

Button Armchair & Sofas - Fabric

From £595.00 View

Albany Soft Seating Range Low Back - Fabric

From £625.00 View

Calmo Low Armchair & Sofas - Fabric

From £725.00 View

Calmo High Armchair & Sofas

From £795.00 View

Encore Low Back Soft Seating - Fabric

From £795.00 View

Encore High Back Soft Seating - Fabric

From £925.00 View

Cabine Low Armchair & Sofas - Fabric

From £935.00 View

Cabine Mobile Armchair & Sofas - Fabric

From £985.00 View

Albany High Back Soft Seating Range - Fabric

From £995.00 View

Cabine Cove Desks - Fabric

From £1,295.00 View

Tara Seating - Fabric

From £1,385.00 View

Cabine High Armchair & Sofas

From £1,395.00 View

Snug & Snuggle Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £1,495.00 View

Snug & Snuggle Meeting Booths - Vinyl

From £1,495.00 View

Piano Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £1,525.00 View

Leo Workstations - Dual Fabric

From £1,995.00 View

Encore Open Meeting Booth - Fabric

From £1,995.00 View

Quick Ship Encore Open Four Seater Meeting Booth - Fabric

From £2,095.00 View

Lilo Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £2,245.00 View

Cabine Low Dens

From £2,375.00 View

Encore Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £2,395.00 View

Grand Piano Meeting Booth - Fabric

From £2,395.00 View

Albany Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £2,595.00 View

Tara Meeting Booths - Fabric

From £2,895.00 View

Cabine High Dens

From £3,299.00 View

Cabine Open Retreats

From £4,095.00 View

Cabine Enclosed Retreats

From £4,495.00 View

Grand Piano Curved Meeting Booth - Fabric

From £5,500.00 View

Meeting Booths & Office Pods

Meeting booths are the ideal solution for creating a dedicated meeting space(s) within an open office plan. These self-contained spaces are sometimes called office booths or office pods, and they allow employees to work, brainstorm, study, or even chill away from the main office and free from any distractions. They can also be used for private conversations, video conferences, or sensitive meetings. Meeting booths offer versatility, functionality, and comfort as they are equipped with office furniture and multimedia devices like screens and projectors, which is why an increasing number of businesses and organisations are incorporating them into their offices. Please see below for some of the office pod options available:


Different Types of Office Booth Seating

Meeting booths or pods come in different sizes and shapes, with sheds, dens, and phone booths among some of the more popular designs. Specialist acoustic office pods create quiet zones for meeting or solo work. This specific type of meeting booth is created using sound-absorbing materials to ensure privacy while limiting sound emission to shared spaces.


Features Of Office Pods To Consider

Booth seating is gaining popularity as a more informal and cost-effective alternative to traditional meeting rooms. Pod ranges are often offered with related sofa seating or complimentary lower backed booths, so there are a number of factors and options to consider. Here's a buyer's guide for office booth seating to help you make the right choice:



The critical factor to consider is the role the booth seating needs to fulfill. Do you need a quiet space? Do you need maximum privacy, or are you creating a more informal space? Is it meant for one employee or team collaboration? Or, do you need a space-saving alternative to the traditional meeting rooms?



Measure the available space to have an idea of the seating capacity. The space will also determine the design, whether you go for the traditional straight rectangular booths, circular and semi-circular booths, or combine booths with standard sofa seating.


The type of material you select for your booth seating will impact the overall look and cost. Instead of standard fabric upholstery, wipe clean vinyl may be a preferred option in healthcare settings, for example. Two-tone upholstery may work to fit in with company colours, or as a way to add featured colour to the office.


Table Options

Do you need an office table for placing laptops, paperwork, refreshments, etc.? Tables within the booth can be freestanding or built-in.



It can be difficult for employees to work long-term in office booths if they are unable to access a fast and reliable internet connection along with a power supply for their devices. Ensure the booth is fitted with standard outlets, USB ports, and other necessary connectivity options.



One of the primary reasons for investing in acoustic pods is to cut down on the noise and offer more privacy. Some meeting booths will be designed specifically to shield sound, and limit sound emission.



Some manufacturers have aimed to create portable office pods, allowing users to freely move them across the space as their preferences and needs change. Not all will be equally easy to move. Some units will need to be dissembled while others are very heavy. This means you can't reposition them without professional help. Make sure you know the specific process for moving each pod.



Choose from simple acoustic booths and our range of office furniture solutions to create a private area in your busy working environment. The team at UK Educational furniture is ready to assist you with any questions about our products, so don't hesitate to contact us today.