Exam Desks & Tables

Exam Desks & Exam Tables

When considering classroom furniture, exam desks and tables are some of the most crucial items, as they are likely to be put to use year after year.

The exam desks and exam table ranges that we supply are manufactured so that they can be stored away when not in use – with models either stackable, foldable or able to be stored away easily on trollies. At UK Educational Furniture our extensive range of exam desks & tables are excellent quality and offer you the variety necessary as part of your school furniture. A particular favourite is the 4 Leg Wooden Folding Exam Desk, a well recognised model, meeting the expectations of the classic exam desk.

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Folding Exam Desks 1-2 Day Delivery

From £18.50 View

Premium Folding Exam Desks

From £20.95 View

Wooden 4 Leg Folding Exam Table

From £22.95 View

Wooden Skid Leg Folding Exam Table

From £32.95 View

Polypropylene Folding Exam Desk - Blue Or Grey

From £35.95 View

Wooden Stacking Exam Table

From £37.95 View

MDF 600 x 600 Square Spiral Stacking Classroom Table

From £47.95 View

MDF Edge Crush Bent Square Stacking Classroom Tables

From £52.95 View

PU Edge Crushed Bent Square Stacking Classroom Tables

From £55.95 View

Primary 1100x550 Rectangular Spiral Stacking Classroom Table MDF Edge

From £56.95 View

Aalborg Desk

From £119.00 View

Flip Top Single Study Desk

From £125.00 View

Folding Training Tables

From £155.00 View

Folio Study Carrel

From £172.00 View

Kubbyclass Single Study Carrels

From £217.35 View

Kubbyclass Double Study Carrels

From £286.35 View

Electric Height Adjustable Desk Frame Converter Kit

From £310.00 View

25 Folding Exam Tables + Trolley

From £695.00 View

50 Folding Exam Tables + 2 Trolleys

From £1,395.00 View

75 Folding Exam Tables + 3 Trolleys

From £1,975.00 View

100 Folding Exam Tables + 4 Trolleys

From £2,525.00 View

Exam Desks For School, College, Academy, University

School examinations are held throughout most year groups in schools, and at most learning institutions. Having a sufficient stock of exam tables will be a priority for school facilities departments to ensure the correct exam furniture is available for students to sit their exams in the right environment.

Types Of Exam Tables & Desks:

Most exam desks are made with wooden tops and folding legs so the tables can be brought out at exam time, and folded away and stored when not in use. Often these folding exam tables are supplied with trolleys to allow easy and safe movement and storage of quantities of exam tables. Alternatives include stackable exam tables on skid bases, or square exam tables with fully-welded frame or crushed-bent frame.


There are various exam table options, and we are able to supply many of these on short lead times when required. If you need any further information on our exam desks and tables, or exam trolley packages, please call our friendly sales team on 0844 8248670.